6 Ways to Sell Your House in 30 Days Guaranteed
I want to buy your Florida home and I can pay you full price
If I told you I am an investor and want to buy your home and pay you full market value for it would you listen? Your mind is already wandering because you do not believe an investor could pay market…
Selling your home after the listing expires
Cash Sale vs Terms Sale – Lease Purchase & Seller Financing – How It Benefits You
If you have had a house or piece of real estate for sale for more than 6 months you are likely frustrated with your agent, the market, the neighborhood or the house itself. I often hear people say, I am…
Dave and Beth Mulvaney – Real Estate Investing
Beth and I have been investing in Florida real estate since 1992. Currently we have offices in Jacksonville and Miami. We are a small family business and purchase about 4 to 6 houses per month with our main focus on…
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